Benefits Of Hiring An Commercial Electrical Maintenance


Emergency Electrical Services

When your home’s electrical equipment fails, you require a fast solution

electrical services include:

Generator installation and repair

Lighting installation

Panel and breaker upgrades

Switch and outlet repair and installation

Wiring and rewiring

Property management

Commercial electrical services

The Safe Choice for Electrical Repair

Electricity can be dangerous if handled improperly, so repairs should always be left to fully trained and experienced technicians

can diagnose and repair all types of electrical issues, including:

Buzzing, dimming, or flickering lights

Circuit breakers that frequently trip or frequent blown fuses

Outlets and switches that don’t work

Heat, smoke, or burning smells coming from your outlets or service panel

Electrical problems can quickly turn into serious fire hazards, so if you’re not sure of the condition of your wiring, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. A professional inspection can reveal any issues before they turn into potentially dangerous problems.

Commercial Electrician

Don’t Let Electrical Problems Decrease Your Productivity

Electricity is the one thing that every business needs to succeed and to thrive. If your business loses power, you lose business. A commercial electrician will make sure your computers, lighting, phones, internet, and fiber optic lines are functioning properly for maximum productivity.

Every minute that your business is unable to operate (or operate at full capacity) due to electrical issues is a minute wasted. The good news is that most of these interruptions of power are preventable. Our commercial electricians will help eliminate such issues by diagnosing problems and recommending solutions that are good for your schedule and your budget.

Do you have a bad electrical outlet in your home? Have you noticed a sudden surge in your electric bill? If so, there’s a good chance you have an electrical problem that needs to be addressed by a professional

every courteous and professional residential electrician on our staff will make sure the work is completed on time and to your satisfaction. Don’t risk your health and safety by trying to fix it yourself!

residential electrical safety inspections to give you the peace of mind you need with your largest investment. Our knowledgeable, courteous, and experienced residential electricians will give your home’s entire electrical system a thorough inspection, making sure everything is working properly for your safety. Once this inspection is complete

Commercial / Industrial Electrical Installations

Inviting Commercial and Industrial Installers

Commercial and industrial electrical installation work offers vast opportunities for companies and individuals involved with electrotechnical services.

Whether it involves the smallest lock-up shop unit, no bigger than a basic dwelling, or a large multi-million pound industrial complex, the basic need to provide a safe, efficient installation that complies with the necessary standards and legislation remains the same.

Compliance with BS 7671 in terms of electrical installation work, whilst in itself is not a legal requirement, will go a long way to providing proof and reassurance that the legal requirements imposed under the Electricity at Work Regulations have been accommodated.

Electrical Maintenance Service

Like most things, over time your home’s electrical system is subject to wear and tear. However, unlike a lot of other things, a poorly maintained electrical system can leave you and your family at risk!

A poorly maintained electrical system could also be costing you money if not running efficiently. To ensure optimum safety and efficiency, you need to have your electrical system inspected and maintained by a professional.

The fully trained and licensed technicians at Platinum Power & Air are electrical maintenance specialists. We can help with an inspection and test of your electrical system, and we can carry out any required maintenance to ensure your system is working as it should.

There could be many reasons why your electrical system is failing. If you notice any of the following in your home, your home could be at risk

To keep your home’s electrical system running safely, it’s important to keep it properly maintained. Platinum Power & Air specialises in service and maintenance of residential and commercial electrical systems.

Electrician Interview Questions and Answers

What safety procedures do you follow to protect yourself from electrical accidents?

This question helps you assess the candidate’s overall knowledge and whether they have the necessary skills for this particular position. You’ll be able to quickly gauge whether the applicant is new to this line of work or whether they are a seasoned electrician. You’ll also learn whether the candidate’s safety training is up to date and how familiar they are with recent changes in safety protocols

What do fuses and breakers do, and how are they different from each other?

This question allows you to test whether the candidate has the necessary knowledge to work at your company. It’s a quick way to weed out anyone who would not be suited to this line of work. You’ll learn whether the prospective electrician is competent and whether they are familiar with the latest types of electrical equipment. You’ll also learn which work environments they would be particularly qualified for

Ability to clearly explain differences between common electrical items Appropriate knowledge of equipment variations Familiarity with working with fuses and breakers

As an electrician, do you specialize in any particular areas of this field?

This question helps you learn more about an applicant’s education and experience. You’ll learn whether the candidate has any extra certifications, and you’ll also discover whether they have sufficient experience with the types of equipment and job sites that your workplace uses. For example, some applicants may have a lot of experience working in homes and very little commercial experience

While working on a team project, what would you do to solve a disagreement with a fellow electrician?

Electrical work can be a high-risk profession that frequently involves working as a team to maintain safety and meet deadlines. This question helps you evaluate whether the candidate has an attitude that will enable them to work well with your existing team. You’ll discover how independent they may be and whether they know when to ask for help. You’ll learn whether their conflict resolution strategies align with your values.