Choosing The Perfect Event Videographer

Things To Look For When Hiring A Videographer

With all of the hard work that goes into making your special day perfect, it is important for you to consider how each moment is going to be captured so you can relive this day forever. Hiring a photographer is essential so that you will be able to relax and enjoy the day, knowing that each beautiful detail and moment won’t go missed or forgotten.

Know What’s Important

When choosing a photographer, you need to see how you connect with this person. The relationship you have and can build with your photographer takes precedence over any other aspect that may influence your choice, such as pricing.

You could hire the most expensive and premier photographer, but if they aren’t able to jive with you and your style, then your experience with them may not be what you had hoped for. At the same time, your wedding photos are an investment of a lifetime, so be sure not to choose one solely because the photographer is cheap. Instead, have a budget range somewhat in mind, but keep your main focus on how your style, personality and vision can connect with the photographer’s style, personality, and visions.

When you have this beautiful connection with your photographer, they will know how to bring out the best in you and your fiancé. You want them to capture all of the emotions and give them depth and meaning. The love, the joy, the pure excitement and happiness– these are all emotions that you will want to be able to see in your photos when looking back them years from now. To allow you to relive these beautiful moments.

How to Make Sure you are Going to Love Your Photographer

Use your engagement photo shoot as a trial run to make sure that you and your fiance really do connect with the photographer.  You cannot recreate your wedding day pictures, therefore ensuring that you absolutely love the photographer’s style will make you comfortable knowing that they will have it all under control on your wedding day.

Your photographer will be spending this day by your side, so they need to be someone you enjoy being around, feel comfortable with, and can trust.

Be Prepared to Work With Your Photographer!

When you come across wedding images online and you like the way they look, save them! Having a collection of poses, styles, and aesthetic that you like in certain photos can help you convey to your photographer they type of photos you like. Giving them these visuals will make it more clear of what you are exactly looking for out of your photos.

Also, be prepared to create a list with your photographer of what pictures you need to be taken. This will include various group pictures with the wedding party, different family members, and different sides of the family. Having this list made up and printed ahead of time will ensure that everyone gets their picture time!

Look for their Specialty. Are they a good fit?

Not all production companies are the same. Most have some sort of specialty – though, most tend to present themselves as generalists (for you, that means “one stop shop”). Keep in mind that generalists tend to do generic work. Here are some methods for determining if they are a good fit:

  • Do your homework regarding which genre of work they specialize in. You should understand the difference between an informational video and an essence video. You should also know which questions to ask [link to prior]. Force them to demonstrate that they know more than you.
  • Look at the production company’s portfolio to see work similar to what you have in mind. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask for more examples with your direction – production companies often only make a portion of their work public.
  • Not all projects need a specialist. Sometimes a generalist will do just fine!
  • A reputable company will know the limits of their expertise – when we (Quadrid) encounter something outside the scope of what we’re good at, we’ll refer the project on to a company we trust. If they’re not willing to do the same, you shouldn’t be working together anyway.

Look for Overall Quality

Often times, production companies will show you a demo reel. Demo reels are highlight reels. They’re where production companies put all their best work. Quality, in this context, can be deceiving.


Before hiring a photographer or videographer, you need to know if they are fully insured and what their liability coverages are for the services they provide. They should have extensive coverages which not only cover the potential of property damage while on location, but also have adequate coverage for their equipment and personnel. At LogicWorx Studios, we carry multi-million-dollar separate coverages for our drone aerial video production work and our standard studio style photography work.

Flexibility and attention to detail

When choosing a photographer or videographer, check whether they provide flexibility with their services. You will want someone who will be able to deliver precisely what you are looking for with quality, precision, and stunning visual content. Look for a firm that will adjust and adapt to your requirements, pays attention to the smallest details, is creative, and thinks outside the box, while delivering that little something extra to your projects, that sets them and you apart from the competition.

Questions to Ask Your Videographer Before You Book

One of the best ways to relive your wedding day over and over again is by hiring a professional videographer to capture everything on film. Start by researching wedding videographers in your area and reading reviews to find potential vendors that match your wedding vision and budget. When you’re ready to reach out and possibly negotiate a contract with a vendor, there are several questions to ask a videographer that you should keep top of mind. To help you in your wedding videographer search, we’re sharing the most important topics to discuss with a potential vendor (and why you’ll want to bring them up in the first place). Ready to find a pro that meets your needs?

Here are some questions to ask a videographer before your wedding day.

1. What is your videography style?

There are many styles of videography. Whether it is documentary or cinematic, it is important to discuss the type of video style you want, and make sure they offer it.

2. How do you choose the music for the film?

Discussing music is a great idea because it plays such an important part in your wedding film. You will be able to let your videographer know the types of genres you like and you can provide a list of songs for them to choose from.

3. Have you worked with my photographer before?

Your photographer and videographer will be working side by side, so you should make sure they know how to work as a team while capturing your big day.

4. When will I receive my wedding video?

Editing can take awhile, especially during wedding season. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask when you will receive your final video so you will know when to expect it.

5. How long have you been filming weddings?

This will give you a better understanding of how how long your videographer has been in the industry. You should also ask to see their previous work whether they are new to the industry or old.

What input do you want from us, and what do you prefer to have final say on?

Why You Want to Know: Many videographers view each piece they create as an artistic endeavor, not just the story of your wedding day—so they have a specific vision in mind that could be at odds with yours (you might want a particular song in the video, for example, while they might be against using it). If you trust your videographer completely, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have a certain idea of what you want in your wedding video, you may want to talk that over with them before you sign the dotted line.

How does your pricing work?

Why You Want to Know: Videographers typically charge a flat rate based on an amount of time. Others offer preset packages that also include other pieces, like a same-day edit or an extra shooter. Even if you’re just buying a standard package, it’s important to run through what’s included. And if there’s something you’re hoping for—be it a short trailer to share with family or a hard drive with all of the raw footage—ask about it and get any agreements in writing.

Have you ever worked with my photographer?

Why You Want to Know: The photographer and videographer will have to work closely throughout your event to capture all of your moments in the best way possible. If they’ve worked together before, they’ll most likely collaborate well again. If they’ve never worked together before, that’s okay, but it’s important they have a chance to meet beforehand to talk about the format and how they want to get it all shot.

Will there be a second shooter, a stationary camera or any other backup cameras for our wedding?

Why You Want to Know: Without a second shooter or any other backup, it may be difficult or nearly impossible for your videographer to capture every moment on camera. Many times, a second shooter comes with the videography package, but just in case, it’s good to ask.

Your Wireless Security Camera Operator

Best Gifts For Filmmakers

Have you ever had trouble buying a gift for someone, thinking to yourself, “What can I get them? They have it all!” That seems to be more than true with filmmakers. The list below covers many different budgets and aspects of filmmaker tools. We’ve pulled together lighting, editing tools, and production equipment, and items for those who do it all.

Canon XA11 Compact Professional Camcorder

A great entry-level camcorder that is packed with features and is the perfect gift for the person who is doing lots of event videos and currently using a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The Canon XA11 has many advantages for the event videographer, 5-axis image stabilization, having an integrated smooth zoom rocker, no 30 minute clip limit, and most importantly the ability to record and control high quality audio.

Cinema Devices Ergorig Lightweight Body Mounted Harness System

For the camera operator who is carrying a lot of weight, as well as responsibility, on their shoulders, distributing the weight of a large camera across their body to their hips is a gift for those long shooting days. The Ergorig is a well-padded solution to save operators from fatigue and strain. This is sure to be a hit with those who rig up their large film or video cameras with the full bells and whistles.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

The newest offering from Blackmagic, released just this October is a beast of a cinema camera. I want this camera. This camera ticks so many boxes: 6K resolution, 12-bit RAW recording, small form factor, and an astoundingly low price as well. This is the camera that every budding filmmaker is drooling over right now and it will likely remain the number one pick for some time.

DanaDolly Universal Rental Kit

I have used the DanaDolly kit on several occasions and found it always got the job done. This dolly system is super easy to operate, adaptable to different setups, using straight or curved track, and is built like a tank. The flight case is also the cherry on top that makes this a sure winner. The filmmaker who gets this as a gift is sure to give you a bear hug after getting this!

How ‘Observers’ and ‘REMI’ Define the Breakout Era of Live Esports Production

As esports rises in prominence as a live-sports property, the most common question from broadcasters — especially those accustomed to a traditional sports environment — is what are the differences between broadcasting a virtual sports event and a physical one?

Sure, an esports event feels more like a rock concert than, say, a baseball game, but the differences actually aren’t all that many. As was evident at SVG’s recent Esports Production Summit, it all comes down to a common foundation that any broadcaster or content creator can agree on: storytelling.

which produces major global esports competitions like the ESL One series, which spotlights games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. “[Esports is] becoming more and more casual entertainment, so replay features and different angles help break up the game and [make it] more explanatory and educational. [That] becomes more and more important.”

The Observer Function

Besides some core technological tenants of broadcast —camera angles, replay, graphics — a high-end esports show features a significant position known as “observer.” The role of the observer is basically to drive the views of the action from inside the game itself, choosing the shots that will ultimately tell the story of the action within the game, a camera operator inside the videogame. In the early days of esports, it was a task reserved for the on-air talent on a show, but, as productions grew larger and more complex, the role carved out its own valued place in the crew list.

The role of the observer has further evolved as a newer genre of esports has gained favor with both players and viewers: the battle royale game. Games like the super-popular Fortnite fall into this category, and what makes them challenging to broadcast is that many solo characters are competing across a vast map: ultimately, countless scrums occur in different places simultaneously.

Film/​Television Camera Operator


Pay for film/television camera operators varies depending on experience and the type of production they are working on.

What you will do

Film/television camera operators may do some or all of the following:

carry and set up cameras and equipment such as lighting rigs and kits

work with and follow the instructions of the director

operate cameras to film or record the action

keep the camera in focus.

Directors of photography may do some or all of the following:

study scripts and interpret how scenes should look

select suitable cameras and equipment

decide on the location of cameras and lights

direct camera and lighting crew during filming

work with the director and editor during editing.

Skills and knowledge

Film/television camera operators need to have:

technical skills for operating film and video cameras

up-to-date knowledge of filming methods and equipment

knowledge of camera exposure, focus, colour and lighting

understanding of the filming and editing process.

Essential photography gadgets and add-ons

The best camera accessories don’t have to cost a fortune. Sure, a new camera or a new lens might make a big dent in your bank balance, but tripods, filters, memory cards and camera bags are everyday essentials that are just as important.

The fact is there’s an incredible world of photographic gear to explore, and if you’re just getting started in photography (and even if you’re an old hand), you may not be aware of everything that’s out there.

For example, what camera accessories do you have that help you control your lighting? Do you use any camera filters for creative effects? Does your tripod offer rock-solid support and have a head that allows you to execute smooth panning movements?

The best camera accessories

Every photographer needs a tripod. Not for every shot maybe, but for night shots, time-lapses, long-exposure seascapes, macro shots and more, a tripod will give you pin-sharp shots and a stability you can’t get from handheld exposures. Here are some of our favorites.

Every photographer needs a tripod, and this Manfrotto is one of the best all rounders in this price bracket. The four-section Manfrotto 190XPro4 ball head kit (MK190XPro4-BHQ2) is a full-sized tripod that reaches a lofty operating height of 175cm, yet shrinks to a fairly modest folded height of 57cm.

How Do I Become a Camera Op or Jib Op

“How do I become a professional Camera Operator or Jib Operator?” That’s a question nearly every film student and independent videographer asks. For the sake of brevity, this discussion will focus on becoming a freelance Camera Operator for multi-camera broadcasts (EFP) at live events such as sports and concerts.

Become an Assistant First – We recommend first that you gain hands-on experience in the industry as an assistant, and then work your way towards running camera or jib. This process SHOULD take a few years, even if you already have a degree in film or broadcasting. Working as an assistant is a valuable step that will establish your reputation and strengthen your understanding of how the industry works.

Gain Experience – A great way to gain experience and build your resume is by volunteering at a large church that has a multi-camera setup, or by contacting a local production company (like us) and ask to work on a shoot as a Camera Utility, Production Assistant, or Jib Assist. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, and use it to build a reputation as a hard worker who shows up early and stays focused from load-in to load-out.

Connect with the Right Companies – If you already have a solid resume and respectable references, the next step would be to contact your local IATSE, IBEW, or NABET office and ask a Crew Coordinator to add you to their call list as a Utility, Camera Operator, or whatever position you have experience in. There are also large production companies with regional offices that you could contact (NEP, Yes Productions, and Mobile TV Group are some examples). After sending them your info, it might be several months before you get a call back; but if you’re persistent without being annoying, you’ll eventually get called. In the meantime, you could also contact your local sports arena and apply for a part-time position on their in-house production crew for minor-league games or music events.

Work Hard, Learn, Be Patient – When you finally do get your first couple of calls for broadcast gigs, don’t turn the opportunities down. Show up to the gigs early, and be prepared to sweat and get dirty if needed. If you don’t know something, don’t try to fake it… ask. The humble, hard workers are the ones who get called to work again. Keep in mind, it’s common when you’re starting out as a freelancer to only work 1 day every month or two… you’ll be at the bottom of the call list, and you’ll have to work your way up. Eventually you’ll begin to build professional relationships based on your work ethic and reputation, and that’s what will carry you forward in your career.

What To Look For When Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer is an essential part of the planning process, as integral as choosing a venue or finding the perfect dress. But unlike your flowers or catering, the photographs from your wedding live on long after the day. It can be difficult to find a photographer who matches your aesthetic and taste—not to mention someone you trust to really capture the most important moments. Will they take the right shots? Will we work well together? If you’re feeling overwhelmed

Ask around.

“Word of mouth is one of the most tried-and-true methods of finding a photographer you’ll love,” Ashley explains. Going by the old theory, “birds of a feather flock together,” friends often share a common style and similar budgets. If you loved a friend’s wedding, don’t be too shy to ask them about their experience.

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

This may be one of the only instances in which social media stalking is highly encouraged. Allow yourself to get lost in an endless scroll. “Start by scanning the feeds of your favorite wedding blogs or magazines,” Ashley recommends. Or trail through a beautiful venue’s geotag. In the process of clicking from profile to profile of accounts that share your taste and vision, you may end up settling on the perfect person that you wouldn’t have otherwise found. “Alternatively, use the ‘Explore’ feature on Instagram and search by popular wedding hashtags, including #weddinginspiration, #weddingphotography, and #weddingdetails,” says Ashley.

Settle on a style.

“Try and form a clear idea of whether you are more drawn to the organic aesthetic achieved with film or the crisp, classic style that digital photography offers,” Ashley explains. Taking the time to browse a photographer’s portfolio can be invaluable to finding the right fit. Are you looking for candid, documentary style or more posed and traditional portraits? “If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, focus on a photographer who specializes in it,” she advises.

Know your setting.

“With so much talent to choose from, it can be easy to hire a photographer simply on the beauty of their work, rather than taking into account what your wedding will actually look like,” Ashley emphasizes. “If you’re marrying in an intimate indoor space in the city, look for inspiration along that vein, rather than being distracted by open, airy outdoor wedding photos,” she adds.

Ultimate Guide to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Although, you can get away with capturing many events on smartphones, for your grand wedding, you obviously want a professional photographer. Wedding is truly a milestone life event and you need to be sure the day is captured successfully

Choosing a photographer is one of the most crucial decisions to make when planning your grand wedding day. There are plenty of things to consider, as extensive options of wedding photographers in Australia can be overwhelming for you

Settle for what you want

Since the ‘firing squad’ style that your grandparents and parents have undergone, bridal photography has come a long way. Starting from the traditional approach where the happy couple along with the in-laws are usually seen posing stiffly by the church door, there’s now documentary, fine-art and many more on the list. Journalistic or storytelling wedding photography has gained much preference in the last decade or so, and there are many pros specialized in this candid and relaxed manner.

Plan your budget

Work out how much you can spend initially as professional photographers cater to every market end. Again, be cautious about false budgeting here. In a local newspaper, you can probably find someone who will shoot your special moments for a few hundred bucks, but you are taking a risk. They might not be experienced with shooting a wedding before, they might not be creative photographers in particular and you end up wondering why they are providing their services at such a low price to begin with. On the other hand, booking a top society photography service can easily blow your financial plan for the entire wedding as well as the honeymoon!

Narrow down your list

If you want to pick a wedding photographer blind, primary considerations are clearly how long they have been in the business and how many wedding events they have shot. While you can avail the services from not so skilled photographers at a cheaper price, you may be welcoming more of a hazard. It is a good sign if the photographer is a member of a professional establishment, but seek someone with a distinction award.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Do you NEED a photographer?

I won’t lie and say that every couple needs a photographer at their wedding.  Wedding photography is a luxury!  Having a dedicated photographer allows friends and family to relax, put their phones down, and know that these moments are being artfully recorded

Having a cultivated gallery put together by someone who was there just to observe and create art through cultivated photographs, is a beautiful thing!  Being able to relive your entire day through the art of photography might not matter to you at all, and in that case, save your money and BUY A BIGGER CAKE!

Do you NEED a professional?

Not everyone who needs their wedding day documented needs to hire a professional either! Many factors such as image quality, reliability, knowing your photographer knows when and where to be taking photos without you babysitting them, insurance, back up equipment, back up photographers (you know in case, they break a leg the night before), artistic ability, editing ability, image storage, and technical photography skills (they might be able to nail photos in a controlled lighting environment, but what about when the sun goes down? or when you have to move inside due to rain?) all of these factors come into play when making this decision.

The work

THE most important factor for hiring a photographer to shoot your wedding is their STYLE!  If you don’t like their work, why on earth would you hire them!  Be choosy in this department

When you’re looking over their gallery, pay special attention to which images are from styled shoots and which are from actual weddings.  It’s much easier to make models look AMAZING  with stellar locations and unlimited time, than it is to make actual couples look PERFECT in a rushed 10 minutes behind the venue in a back alley somewhere. A good professional can do both, and make magic with a little sliver of good light and a few minutes with a couple in love.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is a momentous occasion that you’re going to want to remember forever. That’s why capturing the day through photography is such an important task.

You don’t want to just get anyone to do it for you. Instead, you need a photographer who has the skills and experience to capture the best moments of the day.

Photography Style

Are you partial with artistic photography with magnificent backgrounds? Perhaps you prefer natural movements over planned poses? What about lifestyle photography to show more emotion?

Availability on Your Wedding Date

To choose the right wedding photographer, the next step is to find the photographers who still have bookings available on your wedding date.

The Photographer’s Profile

Your next consideration should be the photographer’s profile. Look at each photographers website and Facebook account.

Outstanding Portfolio

You must do your own review if you want to choose the right wedding photographer. Look at each vendor’s gallery of past projects. Don’t settle for those posted on the website because they are usually a hand picked selection of their best work. Instead, ask for full-galleries of two or three weddings they’ve serviced.

How to choose a Wedding Photographer?

“How to choose a wedding photographer” is an essential question that many couples need to ask themselves at some point. You can get lost with many amazing wedding photos being posted every day on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and co.

There are many great and exceptional wedding photographers out there, and most of them will do the job. However, there might only be a handful of photographers that can pull it off at your wedding. Check out our “Photographers Near Me” list for example!

Moody or airy?

The style should be your #1 thing to be aware of when looking for a photographer specifically. If you do not like the style, then there is no real reason to even think about contacting the photographer. Do you prefer your images to look moody? Maybe you prefer them to look airy? Just be aware of what you want so you can exclude thousands of photographers right away.

A perfect match

No matter how good the photos are, if you do not click together, then there is no way you should work together. Being a wedding photographer is a pretty intimate thing.

You will spend the majority of your day with the photographer; this is why you need to be on the same wavelength. The better your connection is, the more trust you can build, the better the images will get in the end.

The Top Things You Should Look For When Renting A Party Bus

Tips for Renting a Party Bus

Party Buses come in all shape and sizes and are used for taking the family to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal to the next great concert at the Wells Fargo Center. Here are 7 tips to make sure whatever the destination, your Party Bus rental is perfect.

Plan in Advance

Party Buses are popular and if you are going to a public event like a sporting event or concert, there is a chance you are not the only one with the idea. So by securing your Party Bus rental in advance, you can make sure you get the best bus available with all of the amenities you want

Choosing your Vehicle

Party Buses are just that, a party. Like any party, you need to know how many people will be attending. This is important because you don’t want to rent an 18 passenger Party Bus and have 25 people on it and you don’t want to rent the 48 passenger Party Bus and have the same 25 people. Know your headcount before you pick the vehicle

Plan your Destination

This may seem obvious as you are renting a Party Bus to go somewhere but most bus rentals have multiple stops in the night. Going to dinner before the concert? Your driver will need to know where. What about after the tailgate and big football game? Want to hit a local pub to watch the late games. Let your driver know so they can plan your route, ensuring you arrive as quickly and safely as possible.

Understand the Cost

When renting a Party Bus, there will obviously be a cost to the night. Make sure you understand what the hourly rate will be, what happens if you go long and is gratuity or other taxes or fees included. Many people rent a Party Bus as a group, sharing the cost. So if you are the organizer, make sure you understand the entire cost for the evening to make sure everyone can contribute evenly.

Tips for Choosing the Best Party Bus

When you are planning to transport a big group of individuals while having fun and luxury, you need to hire a party bus with great amenities and attributes. Party buses come in different designs to meet the personal interests of various customers. Choosing the right party bus may be challenging; you need to find a credible dealer.

You need to consider a couple of things that will make your event superb. Depending on the type of occasion you are hiring the party bus, you should choose the right kind of entertainment and spacious interior to fit your guests. The following are the primary considerations to make when hiring a party bus.

On board Packages and Amenities

You need a party bus with modest and efficient amenities. Ensure you ask the service providers to provide a list of on board packages you are likely to receive before hiring the bus. You would want to get the best entertainment with a stereo sound system, custom bar, leather seats and many more.

Understand the Rental Rates

Every bus rental companies have different structures and terms of payment. It is essential to understand every charge involved in the entire rental period. Always check to be sure about any additional fees or penalties that are associated with the party bus.

Narrow down Your Choices

Before you hire a party bus, it is important to narrow your shortlist by conducting research. Compare more than one bus rental companies to find a perfect choice for you. The online reviews and ranking for the rental company will help you to determine the credibility of the available options of rental companies. You also need to consider the number of years the company has been in business.

Tips for Choosing the Right Party Bus Service for Events

There is a number of reputed vehicle rental agencies in Singapore that provide party bus charter services especially to tourist groups and visitors travelling together or as a team. The vehicle hire outfits offer luxury bus charters that are appropriate for renting by tour operators and travel agencies who more often than not have a tough time selecting the appropriate mode of party bus shuttle based on affordability, quality of service, and safety

Narrow down your shortlist or choices

Every rental party bus service firm in Singapore claims to be the best in the business. Every second vehicle rental agency providing a luxury party bus charter makes tall claims of having the maximum number of customers and asserts to have been in business for several years. If you consider yourself to be a seasoned traveler with many years of touring experience, then obviously you will shortlist 4-5 agencies and carry out a detailed background check on each

Inform the service provider about some essentials well in advance

After you have made up your mind to choose a specific service provider, it is imperative that you let the agency about some specifics or essentials. These particulars amongst other things will obviously include the date of journey, the name of the carrier, scheduled event time, the hotel you’re scheduled to stay, no. of passengers or tourists, and your event itinerary.

Crosscheck the rates and see if they have any promotional offers

Check out whether the company is charging by the hour or has a flat rate for its party bus pickup and drop services. Don’t feel diffident in asking if they’ve any promotional offers for customers travelling as a group.

Make a final call before pickup

Despite the fact that you already have reserved a party bus charter, make it a point to call up the service provider 1 hour before your party bus ride is about to arrive.

Tips When Picking Your Bachelorette Party’s Perfect Party Bus

When you go out for a wild night of dancing and drinking with your best friends, the last thing you want to think about is transportation. Many different ride-sharing apps are available now in cities across the United States, but for a celebratory event like a bachelorette party, you’ll want to ride in style. Follow the tips below to pick the best party bus for your bachelorette party

Don’t Overcrowd: When planning your bachelorette party, you may instinctively want to invite everyone you’ve ever friended on Facebook, but you need to be a bit more selective when there is a party bus involved. When you rent the vehicle, the limo service should say how many people it’s suited to hold. Do not assume that it will fit more than advertised. Even if you looked up pictures of the interior or heard from a friend that a certain party bus has room for more than the website says, there are regulations that a company has to follow that restrict the number of people allowed in the vehicle. If the limousine arrives and you have more guests than they can fit, some of your party will have to stay behind. Alternatively, you do not want to have too few guests for the size of the limo, as that means you are drastically overpaying for what you need.

Have a Vision: You’ll want to have thought about two things before booking a party bus: your level of luxury, and the route of your night. Party buses come in a wide variety of makes and models and with a wide variety of potential services. Some may serve champagne and play music, some may have an entire dance floor inside. The Guinness World Record holder for the heaviest limo is the Midnight Rider, which measures 70 feet long, weighs 25 tons, and boasts 460 square feet of space. As a comparison, the average square footage of a one bedroom apartment in Baltimore is 599 square feet. While you may not need a limo the size of a mid-sized apartment to rent for the night, have a solid idea of what accommodations you do want so that you book the right limo service and vehicle for your bachelorette party.

Plan Your Route: Having a clear plan of where you will be going throughout the night is also advisable. The driver will need to know the specific start and end times of the night and the locations of your pick-up and drop-off points. This information is often required when booking, so try writing out an entire itinerary for the evening so that you do not surprise your driver with any unexpected stops. For instance, if you plan to take pictures beforehand, account for that time so the driver isn’t waiting around. If you have smokers in your party who will want to stop for a cigarette break, schedule that in as well, possibly with a bathroom break attached.

Rules, Rules, Rules: While your guests may be just trying to have a good time, they need to be respectful of the vehicle and the driver. At the beginning of the trip, make it clear to your guests that the trusty “if you break it you buy it” rule applies while in the vehicle. Also be sure to introduce them to the driver at the beginning, that way they are familiar with the person taking them around. Be clear and firm with any boundaries you need to set, as your name will be on the rental and you’ll be the one taking the fall if something goes wrong.

Tips for Party Bus or Limo Rental

Renting a party bus or a limousine is the preferred mode of transportation for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties and other festive events. It’s also a great way to safely transport family, friends or employees to and from an outing, sports event or concert.

Plan details

Some companies want to know more about the event so they can arrange for decorations. Some companies, in fact, specialize in certain events.

Choose your limo rental or party bus vehicle

Not every limousine is a stretch and not every limousine is a sedan. Though a stretch SUV may not reflect the desired elegance for a wedding, it may be just the ride for a bachelorette party.

Decide on refreshments

Part of the fun of renting a bus or limo is starting the party before you arrive at the event. Check with the company about its policies and offerings for food and beverages.

Consider your music

Though some companies offer radio or satellite radio, you may prefer to bring your own music on your iPod or mix CD. You’ll want to discuss this preference in advance